Free VST Plug-ins

This article features a couple of my favourite free VST plug-ins and where to download them. 


Some of the effects come with their own installation program so make sure  you install them to the  folder where you keep all your VSTs. Other effects will just be contained within a zip or compressed folder where you can extract them to your VST folder.  The effects themselves are just .dll files eg. univibe.dll. If you haven’t already read it, click this link to read my beginner’s guide to recording guitar on PC for a brief introduction to using VST plug-ins in Reaper.

SimulAnalog Guitar suite

This comes with 7 effects and is a great place to start. In the pack you get 3 classic distortion pedals (Boss DS1, Boss SD1 and Tube Screamer), 2 vintage amplifiers (Fender Twin and Marshall JCM9000), a Univibe and phaser.


Shred 1 Suite

This is seriously generous of the developers to give away for free! You get 6 fully customisable amplifiers based on classic head units plus the Frankenamp that allows you to mix and match different parts of the 6 heads to create your own amp. It also comes with loads of presets so if it all looks a bit daunting you can flick through them instead. You can vary every part of the sound including simulating room size and changing the speaker sizes!


That’s it for now but I’ll be back with more musical based ramblings soon!