My Gear

Fender | USA Standard Telecaster | Sunburst |  2003

I love the Telecaster. There’s a simplicity to the design that is just perfect. As one of the first mass produced solid body electric guitars, the Telecaster’s influence has been massive. Used by people as diverse as George Harrison, Albert Lee, Jonny greenwood and Wilko Johnson this is a guitar that can do anything.

My Tele was bought in 2004 and has been constantly in action- it’s got the scars to prove it! It has a rosewood fretboard and a beautiful sunburst finish. I originally paid £699 for this guitar and wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money. I use Rotosound 11-48 strings.

Crafter | D6 | Natural |

My first ‘proper’ acoustic guitar. For years I relied on hand-me-down junk and one day had enough of it. After trying out a few more expensive guitars I settled on this. It’s got a decent onboard EQ and a piezo pickup so sounds ok plugged into an amp. Being one of the better Korean made acoustics it’s got a good natural sound and is well constructed. I think this was about £190 and has done well but I’ve got to a point where I need something better…wallet beware!

Epiphone | SG | Cherry Red |

Ah the memories. I remember using all kinds of weird and wonderful guitars in the early days and would recommend to anyone not to have to learn to play the guitar on one of the hideous lumps I used. Getting this guitar coincided with my playing getting serious and I’ll always have fond memories of ‘number 1’. I’m not too sure the exact year I got this…could be ’95.

..and the one that got away

Unfortunately I sold my Epiphone Les Paul custom. Before getting my Tele this was my main guitar.  If anyone is starting out I would seriously recommend getting one of these. It plays beautifully and you wont need to upgrade to a better guitar after a few years like with the usual cheap starter guitars. In hindsight I wish I hadn’t sold this but at least it went to a good home.

…plus the one that I borrowed

I’m currently borrowing my mate’s Fender Stratocaster. It’s got the most awesome worn-in neck and texas special pickups. Check out the artist spotlight on Stevie Ray Vaughan to hear how great it sounds! Maybe the guitar prefers living with me now? 🙂


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