The Author

I’ve been playing the guitar regularly since I was about 13 years old. Before that I remember being fascinated by my dad’s classical guitar and intrigued by the music we were forced to listen to on long car journeys- Cream being the prominent sound to my constant whining in the back.  Later discoveries of Hendrix and The Beatles had a profound effect on what I understood about music- the fact that it could be so much more than just something you danced to or put on in the background.

High School and the influence of like-minded friends accelerated this passion for music and the need to be able to play along. Metal, Grunge, Alternative Rock, Jazz, Indie and Blues were all obsessed over during different phases of my school and college days.

Nowadays, I have a passion for music that includes everything from classical to trip-hop and I think this is crucial for anyone who wants to expand their own guitar playing- listen to as much music as you can!

The website

This is not meant to be a structured course that teaches a beginner how to play the guitar- there are loads of websites and books that can do that (and far better than I could)! I want to use this blog to show the techniques and musical ideas that have increased my own playing ability and knowledge. I’ll highlight some of the playing styles of my heroes and break down classic tracks into manageable parts. Anything I feel has helped me I’ll include.

The Articles

At the top of most lessons I have advised what guitar I used on the recordings and advised the approximate difficulty for an intermediate level guitarist. All examples can be listened to, just use the audio button above the tab.

Use the site navigation below the title to look at specific articles. Thanks for reading, now get your guitar and start playing!


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