London Film Museum

Ok so this isn’t guitar related but we went to the London Film Museum today. After music , movies are my next favourite thing. Well actually food is better but movies come close! There were three really interesting exhibitions on today; Aliens, Ray harryhausen and Charlie Chaplin.

What man of my generation wouldn’t be excited about seeing a pulse rifle or motion tracker up close? Seriously how awesome were the props for the film Aliens. If I was allowed, I would have put that armour on and run round the museum pretending to be Corporal Hicks. I need to grow up.

It’s a shame you’re not allowed to take pictures in the Harryhausen exhibition as the level of detail in those models is staggering. As I walked around I couldn’t help thinking what a shame it is that we are losing this physicality from movies. Most CGI and 3D nonsense isn’t a patch on the artisty involved here.

The highlight of the Chaplin room had to be the original chicken suit from The Gold Rush. Maybe I just like chicken suits? Mmmm time to stop waffling and point you to the pictures below!

If you are interested in films you should check out my friend M00ch’s blog


2 Responses to London Film Museum

  1. m00ch says:

    Those are some sexy props! Did you find out why you couldn’t take photos in the Harryhausen exhibit ?

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