Playing Lead Guitar: Part 3

Difficulty: Medium | Guitar used: Fender Telecaster | Tuning: Standard

In part 2 I created a guitar solo using just the E blues scale. In this article I will be using the same backing track but using  different scales over the chord changes. As discussed in part 2, the first section of the backing track contains the notes  E, D, G, A and Db. All these notes happen to be in the E Dorian mode so I will try using that and see what I can come up with.

Section 2 of the backing track uses the chords G5, A7 and B7. Over the G5 chord I’ll try using the G major scale. I know the mixolydian mode works well with dominant seventh chords so I’ll use that for the A7 chord. For the B7 chord I’ll just highlight one of the chord notes (B A Eb) with the lead guitar line.

E Dorian: E Gb G A B Db D

G major scale: G A B C D E Gb

A mixolydian mode: A B Db D E Gb G

Example licks


 G5                A7             B7

Over section 1 of the backing I’m using the E dorian scale. Look out for the pre-bend at the end which is quickly followed by a bend to the 20th fret from the 17th! Section 2 is all played with a slide. As mentioned above, over the G5 I’m using the G major scale then over the A7 i’m using the A mixolydian mode. The lick ends with a slide up to Eb which implies the B7 chord in the backing.


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