Playing Lead Guitar: Part 2

Difficulty: Medium/Advanced | Guitar used: Fender Telecaster | Tuning: Standard

In the first part of this article I introduced the backing track and a simple lead guitar idea using octaves. In this second part I’m going to create a guitar solo over the backing track. The first thing to do is think about what notes and chords you will be playing lead guitar over.

Section 1 consists of the notes E, D, G, A, Db. All of these notes except the Db are in the E pentatonic minor scale. As the E blues scale is just the E pentatonic minor scale with a Bb added, this will probably work too. Section 2 contains the chords G5, A7 and B7 which all contain notes common to the E blues scale.

E Pentatonic minor scale: E G A B D

E Blues scale E G A Bb B D

E Blues scale


This shows all the notes of the E blues scale on the guitar fretboard. Try jamming along to my backing track in part 1 and see what you can come up with. Keep reading to see my guitar solo based on the E blues scale.

Blues/rock guitar solo





 A7                       B7

The solo starts off with a hammer-on to legato slides to get from the open E on the 6th string to the 7th fret. You pick the open E string, hammer-on to the 3rd fret and then slide to the 5th,6th and 7th fret in one motion. Bar 2 introduces a short scale run with palm muting used as directed. Bar 3 contains those bend and releases, similar to what I used in example 3 of my blues bends article.

Bar 4 is what the solo has been building up to. These quick pull-off licks are very much in the style of  Jimmy Page. Practise these slowly until you can get the timing right!

As the backing moves into section 2 ( G5 A7 B7) the solo moves up the fret board to stop it sounding flat but still just using the E blues scale.

Be varying the techniques and moving up and down the fretboard you can do quite a lot with just one scale that consists of 6 notes! In part 3 I’m going to be using the same backing track but using different scales over the chord changes.


3 Responses to Playing Lead Guitar: Part 2

  1. Deirdre Conner says:

    interesting. ive been trying to learn blues guitar for quite a while myself now, but just never had enough time to practice. found recently and working through their course now, so far i think im doing quite good

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