Classic Track: Shape of My Heart

Album: Ten Summoner’s Tales | Year: 1993 | Artist: Sting | Guitarist: Dominic Miller

If you’re a Sting fan you’ll know this was from his fourth solo album but if you’re like me, you would have first heard this during the end credits of the film Leon.

Ok, this is going to hurt but stick with it! At first the chord shapes may be a challenge but start slowly and build from there. I’ve seen loads of ways to play this and I can’t be sure how the recorded track was played but I’m basing my lesson on this performance of the song: View Video

Ideally this should be played on a classical guitar with nylon strings but I’m going to have to use my acoustic. Before you even attempt to play it just hold down the chord shapes until they become easier (!). Once you can move between these shapes whilst listening to the song try working on the finger picking.

This is the fingering for the chord shapes in the first 4 bars which should set you up for the rest of the song:

  • Bar 1: 6th fret- 1st finger, 9th fret- third finger, 10th fret- pinky
  • Bar 2: 6th fret- 1st finger, 7th fret- 2nd finer, 9th fret- pinky
  • Bar 3: 4th fret- 1st finger, 5th fret- 2nd finger, 7th fret- pinky
  • Bar 4: 4th fret- 1st finger barre’s the entire 4th fret, 7th then 6th fret- pinky

Part 1



Part 2



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