Classic Solo: The Wind Cries Mary

Album: Are you experienced | Year: 1967 | Artist: The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix

Although certainly not one of Hendrix’s trademark solos, I think this shows another side to his playing that’s well worth exploring. The whole song has a laid back vibe and the guitar solo fits perfectly.

Played on it’s own the solo isn’t particularly exciting but with the rhythm guitar driving the solo it really shines. I absolutely love the guitar playing on this song so couldn’t wait to tackle this. Even though I know I sound nothing like Hendrix I’ve really enjoyed learning this so I hope you do too!

The Wind Cries Mary- guitar solo

I have based my recording on this tab so please scroll down to the guitar solo section on that page. The majority of the solo is  the F major pentatonic scale and there’s nothing too difficult about the song as it’s nice and slow. However, Hendrix injects so much style into the simplest collection of notes that I’ll never hope to re-create. Take your time with each note and try and inject some feeling into your playing with vibrato and dynamics.


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