Jazz Soloing Ideas

Difficulty: Medium/Advanced | Guitar Used: Fender Telecaster | Tuning: Standard

In this article I’m going to look at a some Jazz licks I have written for a simple Bbm7 to Ebm7b5 chord progression.



The first lick in example#1 is very much in the style of  Wes Montgomery. Strum the octaves with your thumb for an authentic sound. I’ve just used the Bb melodic minor scale as I like the way the F note sounds over the Ebm7b5 chord. The second lick is just highlighting the notes C#, F# and Bb from the backing chords.



These two licks are based on the Eb major scale and the Eb melodic minor scale.



The final lick is a combination of the Bb and Eb whole tone scales. Watch out for the hammer-ons followed by legato slides- I find using these a great way to get around the fretboard quickly.


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