Slide Guitar: Lesson 2

Difficulty: Medium | Guitar used: Crafter D6 | Tuning: Open D

Lesson 1 introduced slide guitar using standard tuning. I’m using my acoustic now as I’m going for a bit of a Robert Johnson vibe. You need to tune your guitar to Open D for this lesson.

The 6th string goes down 1 step to D, the 3rd string goes down 1/2 step to F#, the 2nd string goes down 1 step to A and the 1st string goes down 1 step to D. This will give you DADF#AD . Playing all the strings open will sound a D major chord(DF#A). Open tunings are great for slide guitar but also open up all kinds of new chords and harmonics so have a play around!


   G            A                           D

Bar 3 is played without the slide so use whatever spare finger is comfortable on your fretting hand!


          D                                              F5 G5
|-------||---------------------|--------------------|--------------|| x2

All notes in this example are played with the slide. This is a common delta blues style chordal riff which would sound great with a real bottleneck slide!


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