Slide Guitar: Lesson 1

Difficulty: Easy | Guitar used: Crafter D6 | Tuning: Standard

Welcome to the first of my articles on playing slide guitar. This is something I am just getting into myself so these articles are going to help me out as well! For the first lesson I’m going to use my Telecaster with a metal slide but feel free to use an acoustic or any kind of slide. I’m using finger picking throughout as I find it sounds better than using a plectrum.

I’m using the slide on my fourth finger. Make sure you play the slide DIRECTLY OVER the fret wire and be careful not to apply to much pressure. Rest your second or third finger on the strings behind the slide to mute any unwanted strings sounding- this is a key technique to sounding good!



Example 1 is the G pentatonic scale played on the top three strings, using the slide. The backing guitar is just playing a G5 chord. Use this to practice getting the notes out clean and moving between the strings. When resting the slide over the frets, make sure you’re third finger sits behind the slide ontop of the strings to mute any unwanted notes.



In the above example we kick off with a simple blues riff using the G pentatonic scale (use your thumb to fret the G on the 6th string) and then use the slide to move from a C to a D power chord.  In this example you only use the slide to play the power chords at the 10th and 12th frets.

Keep practising these two examples until it feels natural using the slide. In lesson 2 I’ll be switching to an acoustic guitar and using an open tuning.


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